The Koncentra companies

Energy Solutions

A technology company providing system solutions for power supply, specializing in standby or backup power and mobile power generation. Aiab delivers to military operations worldwide and are a partner to civil customers in critical infrastructure projects.

A dynamic, medium-sized group with development and production of advanced silencers, advanced CNC machining and manufacturing of shelter doors and ventilation systems. Koncentra acquired the company in 2013.

An innovative and agile manufacturer of large bore pistons for leading manufacturers of medium speed engines in marine and energy sector for gas, diesel and renewable fuels. Piston range for bore sizes 200-500mm. Koncentra Pistons was established in 1997 and acquired by Koncentra in 2016.

Kolbenschmidt Large Bore is the world’s largest manufacturer of large bore pistons. Primarily serving ships, powerplants, locomotives and construction machine engines between 600 kW to 25000 kW, with bore sizes between 13cm up to 64cm. Approved for use by all OEM manufacturers of medium speed engines. Koncentra acquired the company in 2023.

Heavy Mechanics

An advanced manufacturing company of complex, mid-sized machined and welded structures, including machine frames, masts, booms and parts of exhaust systems for large semi-fuel engines.

A leading company manufacturing large and heavy structures using processes such as CNC-machine robot-welding and assembly. Malmstens Verkstad has extensive experience in partnering with large industrial organizations in manufacturing both semi-finished and finished steel components for industrial use.

Sheet Metal

The European leader in industrial laser cutting, specializing in serial production of primary sheet metal parts for off-highway OEMs. A European footprint allows multisite customers to supply different plants from a single source.