JTK Power Oy

JTK Power Oy


Vöyry, Finland; Wujiang, China

JTK Power Oy (“JTK”) is a dynamic medium-sized workshop with three main business areas and was founded in 1958 in Vaasa, Finland, with the initial focus on the manufacturing of fire and shelter doors. Development and manufacturing of exhaust systems started in 1998 and in 2001 the company moved to new premises in Vöyri, about 35 km outside of Vaasa.

  • Development and production of advanced silencers and catalytic converters for ship engines, power plants, offshore rigs and the processing industry.
  • Advanced CNC machining of parts for ship engines and power plants.
  • Manufacturing of steel doors with high security for police and military authorities.

JTK uses qualified technology and software in product development related to acoustic design and flow measurements and has the in-house ability to conduct full-scale tests of sound attenuation and pressure losses from DN200 to DN1600.

Since 2012, JTK has had a subsidiary in Wujiang, China for customers that need advanced silencers and catalytic converters in the marine, power plant and process industries.

Koncentra Verkstads acquired JTK in August of 2013. JTK currently employs a total of about 90 people.